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We believe Art might be aspirational but really it should be above all inspirational, even quirky - and Art is for everyone. 


We have a passion for recycling one-off Australian sourced or made, pre-loved art and decorative items that can enhance & enrich your lives. With a whole lot of care and attention our experienced hand restoration, cleaning and refurbishment, we provide you with the confidence you have a wall-ready & worry free purchase.


Our passion is to join with you on your Art journey and also  pass on the information we have acquired...their  stories - so they continue.

Our philosophy is that paintings on any empty wall can act as a window - so if you have a wall with no window ...make one with a great picture...another view into another world.


At Lamtiques we provide artworks we really appreciate with the hope you do too - whether it is the intrinsic beauty, quality or just plain inspiring.

So if you are looking for something that you can't find anywhere else - or are tired of 'art' posters and mass produced litho prints that fad over time - then we can help.

We also offer buyback & easy purchase options for Australian residents and can rent items for Photographic or Film Production - just get in touch - we are only too happy to assist.

What our customers say...

“...always impressed with your knowledge, and love of, the items you had for sale.”

Rufus [Newtown, Sydney]

"I have purchased three beautiful, quirky pieces of art from Bruno and Jon and they are always my first port of call when I am looking for something different to hang on my walls. The framing and restoration of each work is always meticulous and worth the price of purchase alone. Local pick up is alway easy (whatever I buy is always ready and wrapped for pick up within 24 hours). Lamtiques is my favourite place to go for something different and eye catching that you won’t find anywhere else."

- Penny [Sydney, NSW]

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